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  • Phone : +31 6 29037322

1.4.10 (oktober 2016)

  • Fixed bug/error in filtering orderlist
  • Added option to change weborder status from orderlist and pick screen
  • Added shortcuts for quick payments with F1 - F12 keys. Configuration options under Menu > Configuration > Orders

1.4.9 (august 2016)

  • Added remote order status in orderlist and pick screen
  • Added configuration to allow negative stock

1.4.8 (juli 2016)

  • Added support for PLU barcodes in Stockmanager and picklist
  • Select customer with barcode scanner

1.4.7 (june 2016)

  • Fix for price override calculation for VirtueMart
  • Added support for PLU barcodes

1.4.6 (may 2016)

  • Fetch all products stock on every update sync
  • Fixed deletion of old products (deleted in webshop)

1.4.5 (april 2016)

  • Fixed a few bugs from version 1.4.4
  • Fixed price change update from webshop
  • Fixed product manufacturer selection
  • Show remaining stock in picklist
  • Fixed the unintentional generating of new product barcode on enter key
  • Fixed price in PDF labels

1.4.4 (april 2016)

  • Added customer barcodes
  • Added generate new barcodes button and prefix configuration
  • Added current version info to configuration
  • Added default customer group for calculation rules for registered customers
  • Added anonymous customer group for calculation rules
  • Fixed stock issues magento
  • Added several pricing options to allow for Magento price calculations

1.4.3 (februari 2016)

  • Changed export to send orders 1 by 1 to better catch errors
  • Added extra filter in productlist to filter by source (POS/Webshop)
  • Fixed error in osCommerce
  • Fixed customer sync in osCommerce
  • Add userinfo to order in VM when using default_user_id
  • Add limit 500 and 'all' to productlist
  • Fixed stock handling issue in POS (Webshop was not affected)
  • Disable payment button during sync to webshop
  • Fixed bug that occured on certain PHP versions

1.4.2 (januari 2016)

  • Added option to add SKU to receipt
  • Fixed test print function in config
  • Added line wrapping to receipt for long productnames
  • Fixed button styling for customer search
  • Added translations for calculation rules
  • Fixed problem with magento orderimport in case product is removed from database

1.4.1 (december 2015)

  • Update "remote orderstatus" locally instantly to clear picklist without waiting for sync
  • List Sales Reports and reprint reports
  • fixed +/- button in edit order item screen
  • Removed 'No api url' message
  • Corrected "Content length" Header in API calls
  • Fixed some last_modification date checks in API
  • Check for new weborders function added in picklist
  • Full stock sync added to API

1.4.0 (december 2015)

  • Fixed cron
  • Updated osCommerce connector to latest API version
  • Added Notifications system for messages (new message types will be implemented in later versions)
  • Update available notification
  • Added new strings to translation files
  • Implement basic ACL from Joomla!
  • Added Login error messages
  • Edit Stock in product edit popup
  • Update stock levels locally on checkout
  • Improved styling for top navigation bar and buttons
  • Fixed bug for editing order_item, remember sales group id

1.3.9 (november 2015)

  • Changed country code for Romania
  • New Stock manager module with search and quickscan view
  • Fixed small issues for IIS support in connector communication
  • Added Batch functions for shortcuts
  • Publish/unpublish shortcuts

1.3.8 (november 2015)

  • Switched to Bloodhound for typeahead customer search
  • Implemented caching for several calculation functions
  • Fixed pagination in productlist
  • fixed blocked input on new order in some cases
  • Improved loading speed productlist
  • JS translations directly loaded in html
  • Bulk remove categories

1.3.7 (oktober 2015)

  • Assign Product Sales Groups based on Categories
  • Fix for vm ordernumber plugin

1.3.6 (oktober 2015)

  • Improved support for productgroups in Magento connector

1.3.5 (september 2015)

  • Support for Custom column name for stock in VM

1.3.4 (september 2015)

  • Magento support for orders with 'POS only' products and no magento products
  • Added Category Nesting for Magento
  • Fixed "Devide by zero" error in VirtueMart connector
  • Added Admin tool - Add current Product Sales Groups to all historic orders [todo]
  • added dropdowns for weborder status/payment/shipmen
  • Added Category statistics

1.3.3 (september 2015)

  • Fixed customer import
  • Added Admin Tool - Copy first Category to Sales group for all products
  • Fixed incorrect matching for calc_rule_id
  • Fixed Stockmanager error, improved speed by combining Ajax calls
  • Fixed improved nullDate handling for empty dates

1.3.2 (september 2015)

  • Fixed improved nullDate handling for empty dates
  • Added more details to logging screen during sync
  • Fixed Copy customergroups for customers from VirtueMart

1.3.1 (september 2015)

  • Fixed error in SQL for updater/installer
  • Added Sales Groups to products
  • Added Sales Groups to Reports
  • Added Fixed start date for weborders
  • Update sync broken up in chunks to minimize server load and avoid timeouts
  • Progress bar indicating sync progress
  • Better timezone handling
  • Copy customer details to refund order
  • Improved interface for dropdowns and select lists
  • Added support for customer groups
  • Added support for product categories
  • Improves Magento connector
  • Merged Virtuemart connectors for VM2 and VM3 into one component
  • Reduced package size by removing unused fonts and skins

1.2.14 (juli 2015)

  • Added PDF product label generator for label writers
  • Improved initial loading
  • Improved handling for some types of barcode scanners

1.2.13 (juli 2015)

  • Fixed error in the tax calculation due to incorrect rounding
  • Added curl "Follow location" to allow connector api to redirect

1.2.12 (june 2015)

  • Fixed error message in Picklist when no order statusses are configured
  • Fixed Pagination for orderlist en customerlist, some filters were missing.
  • Prevent empty orders from going on hold, cancel order instead
  • VM2 and VM 3; Changed user info query to get correct order address info

1.2.11 (june 2015)

  • Fixed button styling for numpads
  • Fixed error in sales report regarding total price ex. tax
  • Fixed error with Plus/Min buttons to change quantity fields, jumped to max on max=10

1.2.10 (may 2015)

  • [highlight]build 263 (3 june 2015)[/highlight] Fixed button styling for printer layout config
  • [highlight]build 263 (3 june 2015)[/highlight] Saving delivery date without order will create new order
  • Improved customer search and increased limit in typeahead
  • Fixed SQL error in some VM versions when retrieving thumbnail image
  • Added curl support for license check
  • Finished Magento integration

1.2.9 (may 2015)

  • Refund option for orders (partial and full refunds)
  • Improved barcode support for every possible barcode type and character
  • Added barcode to receipt, can be used when looking up order for refund

1.2.8 (april 2015)

  • Fixed 2 styling issues with Firefox
  • Reset selected customer on new order
  • Multiple themes
  • Easily increase/decrease quantity with +/- buttons
  • Fixed Customer search typeahead for Bootstrap 3
  • Added Delivery date to orderdetails
  • First version for Stock management (Barcode only)
  • Upgraded Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3
  • Option to display order total in multiple currencies

1.2.7 ( 17 mar 2015)

  • Fixed sales reports by week (Now always using ISO-8601 for determining weeknumber)
  • Treat "Tax" similar to "VatTax" in reporting; Tax did not show up on sales reports
  • Fixed tax display on receipt; Seperated from payment method block, taxes can now be shown without displaying the payment methods
  • Fixed Sales Reports; order count per user was not showing correctly
  • Receipt; hide payment change if equal to 0
  • Receipt; payment methods, removed minus-sign
  • Fixed Product and Orderitem Price; input with comma instead of point for will now be converted automatically
  • Fixed Tax calculation for negative prices; Adding a product with a negative price would misinterpret the calculation rules
  • Fixed Calculation rules; When removing a calculation rule, the source_object_link was not removed preventing a fresh import next time. Fixed the issue and added cleanup sql for orphan rules.
  • Fixed Calculation rules; Full import from source was resetting the display settings for receipt and screen. Now keeps current settings and uses default display options for new rules.

1.2.6 (feb/mar 2015)

  • [highlight]build 244 (16 mar 2015)[/highlight] Fixed html encoding for cyrillic characters
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Added product thumbnails to product list and main order screen (configurable, off by default)
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Added auto test connection when adding/editing new API connector to import/export
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Fixed Virtuemart parent/child stock problem, stock was deducted from parent instead of child in some cases.
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Changed weborder creation date and last modification date to use time of order completion from POS
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Shortcut Buttons; Added option to change the button color
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Shortcut Button Groups; Added editing cababilities for Group Names
  • [highlight]build 243 (11 mar 2015)[/highlight] Shortcut Button Groups; Added option to select wether group is open or closed on startup
  • [highlight]build 241 (2 mar 2015)[/highlight] Fixed Virtuemart price when override price as final price is used
  • [highlight]build 241 (2 mar 2015)[/highlight] Fixed Virtuemart parent/child pricing. discount_id and tax_id was not propagated properly
  • [highlight]build 240 (25 feb 2015)[/highlight] Fixed "00" button
  • [highlight]build 240 (25 feb 2015)[/highlight] Added local language support for OSCommerce
  • [highlight]build 240 (25 feb 2015)[/highlight] Fixed several tax calculation issues
  • [highlight]build 239 (25 feb 2015)[/highlight] Connector API; Fixed empty "default_user_id" for individual payment methods (now correctly uses the default values as a fallback)
  • Added Support for OSCommerce
  • Improved COM-port support for receipt printer under Windows
  • Added Stock Management; Easily manage webshop stock by barcode
  • Virtuemart 2.x; Allow products parent_id to be used for order_items when using stockable variants

1.2.5 (feb 2015)

  • Import weborders into POS
  • Added Order picker to pick and check (webshop) orders by barcode; Update order status in webshop automatically when picked completely (configurable)
  • fixed severeal small issues in orderlist
  • Product search; fixed support for small words < 4 characters
  • Fixed caching problem for Internet Explorer
  • Added support for SSL/HTTPS connections

1.2.4 (feb 2015)

  • Changed database field to accomodate VM 3

1.2.3  (jan 2015)

  • Added Sales reports for daily or weekly reports grouped by Cassier, Payment Method and Tax Rate
  • Added Sales Statistics (graph and table) for viewing Sales Totals and Tax Totals over time
  • Added Joomla 3.x support
  • Added Virtuemart 3.x support
  • Added interface for configurable receipt layout


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